Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Do You Know How to Apply for a Passport by Mail?

The requirements to apply are:

You can submit your most up-to-date passport.

Your previous passport was issued on or when your sixteenth birthday and was issued inside the past twelve years.

You use constant name as that on your most up-to-date passport otherwise you have had your name modified by wedding or judicial writ, and may submit proof of the amendment in name only

How to Proceed

Obtain type DSP-82, Application for Passport by Mail, from one in every of the U.S. passport agencies, from a Federal or state court, from a U.S. post workplace that's licensed to simply accept passport applications, from your agent, or from the net.

Complete the data requested on the reverse aspect of the shape.

(1) Sign and date the appliance.

(2) embrace your date of departure. If no date is enclosed, passport agents can assume that your travel plans aren't immediate, and you'll receive your passport inside twenty five operating days from receipt of the appliance at the passport agency.

(3) Enclose your previous passport. (Your previous passport and different documents that you simply could have submitted are came back to you together with your new passport.)

(4) Enclose 2 identical 2x2 pictures.

(5) Enclose the $40 passport fee. (The $15 execution fee isn't needed for candidates eligible to use by mail.)  Check for current fees.

(6) If your name has modified, submit the initial or certified copy of the judicial writ or wedding certificate that shows the amendment of name.

(7) The World Health Organization|individual that} you list to be notified just in case of Associate in Nursing emergency ought to be somebody who might act on your behalf. The person ought to be somebody to whom you have got given or might provides a power of professional person.

(8) For process, mail the finished application and attachments to the National Passport Center, listed on the appliance type. Associate in Nursing incomplete or improperly ready application can delay issue of your passport.

(9) If requesting accelerated Service, embrace the expedite fee.

How to Pay the Passport Fee

The following styles of payment area unit acceptable once you apply by mail:

A bill of exchange or a check

A check: either an authorized check, a private check, or a traveler's letter of credit (The check ought to be created out for the precise quantity.)

A cash order: either a U.S. communication draft, a world draft, a currency exchange draft or a bank draft

Checks should be created due  to Passport Services.

When You Receive Your Passport

Sign it right away! Fill in page five, the private notification information page. (For the emergency contact, don't embrace the name of your traveling companion; instead, write in pencil the name, address, and sign of somebody WHO isn't traveling with you.) Your previous passport and different documents that you simply could have submitted are came back to you together with your new passport.

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