Saturday, 4 May 2013

20 Safety Tips for Budget Travelers

 1) once taking taxis from AN airfield to your edifice, travel within the dearer airfield taxis and make sure that the drivers have official identification. never take a taxi waiting outside the airfield grounds.

I know this sounds extreme, however it's out and away higher to be safe then sorry.

2) once traveling from your edifice to the airfield, come with a taxi suggested by the edifice.

Again, taxi’s will be terribly dangerous. I can’t specific that enough.

3) strive to not arrive in a very new town or city late at nighttime.

This can simply fail in a very range of the way. it's abundant easier obtaining checked in throughout the day time and security at nighttime in bound areas is simply dire.

4) Travel in a very cluster if potential.

Since once is traveling in numbers not a decent idea?

5) Learn the fundamentals within the native language before you arrive. do not expect that individuals can speak English.

English is changing into additional wide spoken lately, however you would like to make sure. you ought to continually check on these items before your arrival.

6) Keep your valuables hidden.

A belt is nice if it's AN choice that you just willing to appear into. There square measure many various forms of belt. one in every of the foremost vogue|fashionable|common|widespread|standard} is AN “over the shoulder” style billfold on a strap that you just were beneath your high. This makes it terribly tough for a felon to create off together with your valuables.

7) Avoid happening your own to remote areas/ruins wherever traveller would be expected to travel. ask for native recommendation or take a guide.

8) scan the guide books and speak with alternative tourists to search out out that square measureas are best avoided.

9) once exploit discos late at nighttime take a taxi home despite however shut your hostel is. Outside most discos you will find a street vender merchandising cigarettes. sometimes these folks grasp all the taxi drivers and might suggest a secure one.

10) once inbound in a very urban area, keep to your original arrange and keep within the hostel that you just have selected. do not let the taxi driver persuade you that your hostel is absolutely set-aside which he is aware of a less expensive and higher one. He'll be engaged on commission and also the hostel in all probability will not be in a very safe a part of city.

11) Even higher, once inbound lane/train in a very new town, attempt to reserve your edifice before, ideally with a edifice that has AN airport station assortment service.

12) Do not wear pricy trying jewellery.

13) On transport have your day pack near you in the least times, ideally with the straps around your legs or padlocked to the bags rack. On buses your backpack can ordinarily go outside, either on high of the roof or within the external baggage compartments. On long distance buses raise a receipt for your baggage. On short rides simply keep a careful eye out when the bus stops to off-load baggage. within the event of getting your baggage purloined, stick with the bus - you'll in all probability need a declaration from the public-service corporation acceptive responsibility for the loss so as to assert any cash from your insurance underwriter.

14) Leave your valuables in your edifice safe once creating day visits or longer tours. acquire a receipt not only for your cash belt, wallet etc. except for its contents, with every item listed.

15) If you have got to depart your passport and credits cards along, place the mastercard in a very sealed envelope and sign your name across the flap. this manner after you come you'll grasp that nothing has been tampered with.

16) If coming up with on aiming to market areas, crowded  streets, fiestas etc. do not come with all of your valuables. Leave them within the edifice. If you’re coming up with on shopping for one thing pricy keep your cash safely in a very belt. attempt to be discreet once gap it! to guard hard currency in your pockets you'll be able to stuff a hankey in when.

17) If the pavements square measure very crowded , particularly in market areas, get into the road.

18) If you think somebody is following you, stop and stare them within the eye till they're going. If you actually get a nasty feeling a couple of place, come with your initial instincts and leave. Bag dynamical is rare today except for accessories safety you'll be able to wear your day put on your chest.

19) If it's on your back attempt to walk no end. If you wish to prevent, sway your pack gently from facet to facet so you'll be able to feel if anyone is meddling with it.

20) once golf shot your bag down on the ground, to require a photograph or simply to take a seat in a very café, bear in mind to place your foot through the strap. Not solely can it's not possible to grab, you furthermore might will not forget it! this is often the foremost common kind of stealing - tourists forgetting baggage in cafe and on returning to raise if anyone has seen it, you have guessed it, it's gone.


  1. salam, bro ni mesti selalu jalan jalan kan

    1. jarang2 juga sebenarnya tuan..banyak dapat pengalaman daripada kawan-kawan yang suka travel juga..

  2. good tips.. will be a traveler one day..
    tunggu abis study dulu..teringin nak travel.. uhuhu

    1. thanks norfa...tak apa, boleh dijadikan sebagai panduan terlebih dahulu sebelum travel suatu hari nanti..:)