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Airline Baggage – Pack For Success

Between the time you check your bags in and therefore the time you claim it at your destination, it should have undergone a maze of conveyor belts and baggage carts; once mobile, baggage could tumble round the consignment compartment if the plane hits rough air.

In all fairness to the airlines, however, comparatively few baggage area unit broken or lost. With some common sense packing and different precautions, your baggage can in all probability be among those that arrive safely.


You can pack to avoid issues. Some things ought to ne'er be place into a bag you intend to ascertain into the consignment compartment:

* tiny valuables: money.

* essential items: medication, keys, passport, tour vouchers, business papers.

* Fragile items: eyeglasses, glass containers, liquids (check the most recent rules on liquids.

Things like this could be carried on your person or packed in a very carry-on bag which will work beneath the seat. Remember, the sole thanks to take care your valuables don't seem to be broken or lost is to stay them with you. not with standing your bag isn't lost, it may well be delayed for each day or 2. do not place food product in a very checked bag; they will spoil if it's delayed. it's knowing place things that you just can want throughout the primary twenty four hours in a very carry-on bag (e.g. toiletries, a modification of underwear).

Check with the airline for its limits on the dimensions, weight, or variety of carry-on items. (There is not any single federal commonplace.) If you're mistreatment over one airline, check on all of them. Inquire regarding your flight; totally {different|completely different} airplanes will have different limits. do not assume that the flight can have unlimited closet house for carry-on garment bags; some could ought to be checked.

If you intend to travel looking at your destination and convey your purchases aboard as carry-on, keep the bounds in mind. Do not place something into a carry-on bag that would be thought-about a weapon (e.g. scissors, pen knife).

There are often an additional charge if you bring a lot of, or if you exceed the airline's limits on the dimensions of the baggage. On some flights between 2 foreign cities, your allowance could also be supported the burden of the baggage instead of the amount of items.

The same 2 baggage that price you nothing to ascertain once you started your trip might end in valuable excess-baggage charges beneath a weight system. raise the airlines regarding the limit for each phase of your international trip before you permit home, particularly if you have got a stopover of each day or 2 or if you're dynamic  carriers.

The bags you check ought to be labeled- within and out-with your name, address, and telephone number. Add the name and address of an individual to contact at your destination if it's sensible to try to to therefore. the majority of the baggage that area unit misplaced by airlines do ensue sooner or later. With correct labeling, the bag and its owner will sometimes be reunited inside many hours.

Don't over-pack a bag. This puts pressure on the latches, creating it easier for them to pop open. If you intend to ascertain any electrical instrumentation, glassware, tiny appliances, pottery, typewriters, musical instruments or different fragile things, they ought to be packed in a very instrumentation specifically designed to survive rough handling* ideally a factory-sealed carton or a soft hard- shell carrying case.


Don't sign on at the second. notwithstanding you create the flight, your bag might not. If you miss the airline's arrival point, the carrier may not assume liability for your bag if it's delayed or lost. If you have got a selection you must choose flights that minimize the potential for bags disruption.

The chance of a bag going wide will increase from #1 to #4 below (i.e., #1 is safest): 1) nonstop 2) direct or 'through' flight (one or a lot of stops, however no modification of craft) 3) on-line association (change of craft however not airlines) 4) interline association (change of aircraft and airlines).

When you sign on, take away straps and hooks from garment baggage that you just area unit causing as checked baggage. These will get caught in baggage process machinery, inflicting harm to the bag. The airline can place baggage destination tags on your bags and provides you the stubs to use as claim checks. confirm you get a stub for each bag. do not throw them away till once you get your baggage back and you check the contents. Not solely can you wish them if a claim is critical, however you'll have to be compelled to show them to security upon feat the baggage-claim space.

Each tag encompasses a three-letter code and flight variety that show {the baggage|the bags|the bags} sorters on that plane and to that landing field your luggage is meant to travel. see the tag before your baggage go down the conveyor. (The airline are going to be glad to inform you the code for your destination once you create reservations or get your tickets.)

Your baggage could solely be checked to at least one of your intermediate stops instead of your destination town if you want to clear Customs wanting your final destination, or if you're taking a association involving 2 airlines that do not have AN interline agreement. take care all of the tags from previous journeys area unit far from your bag, since they will confuse busy baggage handlers.

Claiming your baggage

Many baggage look alike. once you pull what you think that is your bag off the carousel, check the tag or the bag tag variety. If your bag arrives open, unfastened or visibly broken, check at once to examine if any of the contents area unit missing or broken. Report any issues to the airline before feat the airport; put into effect filling out a type.

Open your traveling bag at once once you get to wherever you're staying. Any harm to the contents or any thieving ought to be at once according to the airline by phonephone. create a note of the date and time of the decision, and therefore the name and sign of the person you spoke with. Follow up at once with an authorized letter to the airline.

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